Accommodation in the hotel “Marins Park Hotel”

Hotel address: Morskoy Pereulok, Sochi, Krasnodar Krai, 354000, Russia

Phone: +7 (862) 271-3000

Hotel site (in Russian): https://www.parkhotel-sochi.ru/

Reservation E-mail: sokolnikovavn@parkhotel-sochi.ru

Participants of the Сonference receive a discount of 20 % on hotel accommodation on promotional code ИГРАН provided payment is made before July 30, 2018. The discount is valid not only for registered participants of the Conference but also for accompanying persons. There will be no discount for accommodation after July 30th.

Price per room in rubles (incl. VAT) in the period 23.09.2018– 30.09.2018*


Room category Number of persons Room rate, rubles Cost of living per person, rubles Room rate with a discount of 20 %, rubles The cost of living of one person with a discount of 20 %, rubles
 Standart with one bed 1           6 900,00             6 900,00            5 520,00                    5 520,00 
Standart with two beds 2           6 900,00             3 450,00            5 520,00                    2 760,00 


* Price is shown on June 9. Price may change. Discount does not change.

The price includes buffet breakfast and WiFi in the rooms.

Participants and guests of the Conference book and pay for hotel rooms themselves.

When booking a room at the “Marins Park Hotel” to receive a 20% discount on accommodation, please, note that a promo code ИГРАН is applicable only until 30 July.

Booking a room in the hotel “Marins Park Hotel” using a promo code is possible only in three ways:

1) on the official website of the hotel: www.parkhotel-sochi.ru/prices/?date_from=&date_to= , indicating the date of arrival (23.09.–30.09), on the right you will see the window “Введите промокод со скидкой” [Enter promo code for discount], enter it by clicking ” Применить” [Apply], and then the window shows prices for standard rooms with one bed [Стандарт с одной кроватью] , and standard room with two beds [Стандарт с двумя кроватями] with 20% discount.

In case if you want to split an account (at double occupancy), reservation should be made by telephone of booking office [+ 7 (862) 271-3000] or by sending a request to e-mail sokolnikovavn@parkhotel-sochi.ru (see details in 2 and 3 options below).

2) by calling the phone number of the hotel booking office: + 7 (862) 271-3000 (providing the promo code of the participant of the conference “ИГРАН” [IGRAN]). The booking office makes an invoice that is active for 3 days. If the payment is not received within the specified period, the reservation is canceled.

3) by sending an application (application form is in the attachment) to the e-mail address: sokolnikovavn@parkhotel-sochi.ru. After the application is processed, a booking invoice is sent, which is also active for three days.

If you need assistance in booking a room, you can contact Marina Gnedovskaya by her e-mail marina.gned@gmail.com.